Viltrox 13mm f/1.4 Lens Ultra-Wide AF Lens Lands on Indiegogo

Photo equipment maker Viltrox has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Viltrox 13mm f/1.4, a wide-aperture ultra-wide-angle autofocus lens that’s perfect for vlogging, landscape, architecture, street, food and photography. astro photography.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Viltrox.

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Why was this goal born?

Generally speaking, shooting Vlogs requires a light and quiet focus lens, landscape photography and architectural photography require a wide angle lens, starry sky photography requires a large aperture lens, and street photography and food photography require close-up capability.

Is there a lens with a very versatile focal length that can be used in a wide range of applications, from vlogging to landscape to street photography, significantly reducing the user’s baggage load?

Therefore, by the end of 2021, Viltrox has developed and produced a lens that can meet so many shooting needs at the same time – the AF Mount 13mm F1.4 XF, which makes up for the gap in the D-group. original goals. Consistently high quality, lightweight size and cost-effectiveness make this lens affirmed and supported by many Fujifilm users.

Many Sony and Nikon owners have expressed their desire to own this lens, so we decided to develop and produce the AF 13mm F1.4 lens for both E and Z mounts for them.

The VILTROX AF 13mm F1.4 lens in this crowdfunding campaign supports both E and Z mounts, and the equivalent focal length on a full-frame camera is approximately 20mm.

As an APS-C frame fixed-focus lens, it can also be well matched with Sony full-frame cameras, such as A7R3, A7M4, etc. In S35 mode, this lens paired with the A7M4 provides an excellent experience for shooting 4K60p video, with fast autofocus and light weight on the stabilizer. Friends who need to shoot sports videos and first-person vlogs are worth a try.

VILTROX AF 13/1.4E & Sony a6300
VILTROX AF 13/1.4 E & Sony a7 IV

A sports video shooting lens

The VILTROX AF 13mm F1.4 lens is compact but strong, with a size of Φ74mm × 90mm and a weight of approximately 420g (Z mount is 455g). Lighten the load, which is convenient for users to go out and shoot the stabilizer. Excellent autofocus accuracy and speed, easy to achieve a variety of sports video shooting. The 13mm focal length also has a natural advantage in shooting vlogs.

A wide-angle lens for astrophotography

Starry sky photography is often done in a low-light environment at night. The 13mm wide-angle design greatly improves light quantity and shutter speed, and it can achieve excellent imaging results in low-light conditions. In addition, we also use a large f/1.4 aperture to accommodate more scene information.


Optical construction

Generally, the aperture of an ultra-wide-angle lens is relatively small, but the VILTROX AF 13mm f/1.4 lens features both a 13mm ultra-wide-angle and a large f/1.4 aperture at the same time. The large aperture design greatly improves the amount of light and shutter speed, which can be used in low light conditions. Excellent imaging results in all conditions, and it also creates a nice soft background atmosphere.


Lightweight, portable and durable

The VILTROX AF13mm f/1.4 body adopts an all-metal design, has a precision brass-plated bayonet, is strong and durable, and has a high-quality feel. The lens size is Φ74mm×90mm, the weight is about 420g (Z mount is 455g), and the filter size is Φ67mm.

The lens adopts a dustproof design, and the aperture ring and the common part are equipped with a dustproof seal. The front lens has a water and dirt repellent coating, which provides better protection for outdoor shooting.

After conducting market research, this time we adopted a step-adjustable aperture, which supports manual aperture adjustment and automatic aperture adjustment. The focus ring rotates smoothly and evenly for precise operation, making video shooting more convenient.

Comes with a high quality metal lens hood with a threaded connection for added firmness and ease of use.


Excellent image quality performance

VILTROX AF 13mm F1.4 adopts 14 optical elements in 11 groups, two aspherical lens elements to optimize lens distortion and aberration, so that the lens retains excellent resolution in the imaging range, and four lens elements ED low dispersion effectively improve magnification chromatic aberration, providing excellent color reproduction and transition effects.

High center and edge resolution, excellent sharpness, natural bokeh transitions and excellent dispersion control.


High performance autofocus video optimization

The silent STM+ worm gear focusing motor effectively reduces the driving noise of the AF system, and the focusing accuracy and speed are greatly improved. Some models support eye-detection AF, slight breathing effect, and silent and smooth full photo and video shooting.

Close-up shooting at 0.22m

The closest focusing distance of this lens is only 0.22m, which provides more flexibility for close-up shooting and video shooting. The focusing distance enables creators to create works with rich personalities in different scenes.

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Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Viltrox.

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