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When it comes to promoting your products online, things can get tricky because shoppers have no choice but to smell, wear, or try the products. Not having a physical store can be a challenge for some e-commerce sellers. This is where e-commerce photography is rushing to save today.

Ecommerce product photography is a visual representation of your products for shoppers of an online store. Since online shoppers can only judge the quality of the product based on a single (or perhaps a few) images, it can be difficult to convince them that the product is worth buying.

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Especially with the many product listings and e-commerce sites available online, shoppers simply have too many options and can get overwhelmed. Therefore, it is essential for e-commerce sellers to provide only the right product photos to capture the market’s attention. Here’s how:

5 Simple Tips for Ecommerce Product Photography

1. Product Focus

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To really sell your products online, it’s a good idea to find its unique attribute (i.e. its competitive advantage), something that other e-commerce sellers don’t offer, and really get into it. advertise. Whether it’s the original design, additional features, additional color options, be sure to get these innovative features in your photos.

By providing laser focus on the strengths of your products, you can also help your brand personality soar. Let your target market know that your brand can offer something beyond that.

Some of the photography styles you can use to achieve this include experimenting with depth of field, macro zooming in on specific features, and blurring unnecessary details. Also try using different types of cameras to test which quality works best for you.

2. High quality pictures

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It goes without saying that high quality product images go a long way. Your audience needs clearly defined pixels so they can evaluate products more carefully. In order to gain their trust, having defined images is a must on your online store.

High-quality product images affirm how professional your brand is, and this becomes especially useful for audiences browsing products online on small-screen devices, as they would need to zoom in on your images a lot to see the product details.

3. Backgrounds

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When it comes to e-commerce product photography, what usually works best are plain white backgrounds. Indeed, it helps the viewers to focus on the specific features of the product without any distractions.

However, feel free to experiment with other options that can captivate shoppers more – options like faded lines, patterns, quirky illustrations, or organic shapes can also be used as interesting backgrounds.

To get that clean, crisp background, you can use a large sheet of smooth white paper. This creates a seamless backdrop. Make sure the paper has few or no creases or creases. This matte white paper can also reduce unwanted reflections or color casts on products. You can also experiment with different paper textures to achieve that neutral white background look. Paste the paper on the wall or place it neatly on the table, depending on your product placement.

4. Lighting is key

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Like it or not, lighting is one of the most important elements in determining the outcome of your product images. Be sure to think it through and plan it carefully before you start filming. Do you think the product is compatible with hard white lighting (like fluorescent light)? Or will it look better with warm hues? What lighting best complements the color of your products?

It is also important to be creative about this. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to achieve your desired shade. While ultimately the lighting in footage can be changed after production, it’s important to get the basics right.

5. To show creativity

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Of course, when it comes to selling products online, following trends is most important. Learn about the latest viral trends on how e-commerce sellers creatively present their products.

For example, in 2022 there is a huge wave of minimalism, the use of geometric shapes or colorful backgrounds with repeating objects for product photography. Challenge your creative versatility and see which style of photography best suits your audience.

How to edit a product photograph using Pixlr

Photomash Studio by Pixlr

Photomash Studio by Pixlr

Luckily, with Pixlr’s Photmash Studio, you can modify and edit your product images in seconds! After all, this one-click professional photo studio is built right into your browser. With Photomash Studio, you can take advantage of many advanced tools that are not limited to removing, modifying and beautifying your backgrounds. You also have the option to edit your product images one by one or implement batch editing, where you can edit many photos at once.

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