The Winning Photos From the reFocus Awards ‘One Shot’ Competition

The reFocus Awards have announced the winners of their One Shot Photo Awards, the newly formed organization’s first competition.

The reFocus Awards is a relatively new photography competition and platform that has been designed to provide opportunities, prizes and discovery points for photographers around the world. The organization says that through its Artist Directory, Winners’ Gallery, as well as our People’s Vote Award – which got more than 41,000 votes this year – it has created more than just a contest. , but a community.

The organization tells PetaPixel that its goals are to offer meaningful prizes to winning photographers, as well as opportunities for exposure for their work.

“[This] That’s why we’ve created an artist directory and feature interviews with winners at professional and non-professional levels. In fact, several of our judges have reached out directly to our entrants (winners and otherwise) who they want to work with at their respective organizations,” a reFocus spokesperson said.

“When we created this contest, we tried to be selective in terms of the number of rewards we offer as well as the type of prizes we could promise with the aim of giving participants something unique and real. Our creative director is a photographer, and much of our planning for reFocus came about after our mutual agreement that existing contests could do better.

The One Shot competition asked entrants to submit photos that celebrated the power of a single image and was divided into professional and non-professional categories. The professional section offered a cash prize of $3,500 for winning photos while non-professional winners received $1,750. The photos were judged by an international jury that reFocus describes as representative of today’s highest level of influence and distinction within the photographic community.

This particular competition hosted 20 categories in the professional and non-professional levels, but three photos stood out as the best in each, as shown below. All of these photos, as well as the winning images in all categories, can be seen along with detailed interviews with the photographers on the reFocus website.

Professional, first place

reFocus One Shot Rewards
Detention cell in Colombia | Convicted prisoners sit in a holding cell at a police station in Maicao, Colombia. | Photo by Jan Grarup

“Due to overcrowded prisons, convicts are now serving their sentences at the local police station. In this police station, over 300 prisoners are serving time, with limited access to basic facilities and no opportunity to exercise, violating basic human rights due to the chaotic situation.

Unprofessional, first place

reFocus One Shot Rewards
Hasidic Jews on a Belgian beach | Photo by Eddy Verloes

“I took this series on the Belgian coast not far from Ostend. It happened at the beginning of the corona crisis 2020, when I was walking alone in a strong storm and suddenly these “black shapes” appeared in the dunes. I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought I was dreaming. I love walking in stormy weather by the sea, but it was a very strange feeling. I immediately recognized that these “dark shadows” were ultra-Orthodox Jews, and I was acutely aware that I had somehow strayed into a unique setting. Normally, ultra-Orthodox Jews walk the streets of Antwerp (Belgium), but certainly not on a beach during a terrible storm. They were about 20 and they enjoyed it very exuberantly and intensely.

“What a huge coincidence that I came across them in these stormy times! They stayed on the deserted beach for about an hour and during that time I took about 50 photos of this extremely fascinating event in the least intrusive way I could imagine. I tried to get as close as possible without being noticed because I didn’t want to disturb their privacy. I could clearly see that they were so absorbed in nature, the sea and in themselves that they actually ended up in a kind of communal trance. I have to admit they also put me in a trance as I kept taking pictures shivering. I was now very aware of the unique photos I was taking. They clearly enjoyed their time together and their temporary encounter on the stormy beach. After an hour, they disappeared as quickly as they had come: suddenly and unexpectedly. My dream and their dream have come to an end.

Professional, second place

reFocus One Shot Rewards
“Alex” | Photo by Bastiaan Woudt

“The image ‘Alek’ was taken in collaboration with model Alek, stylist Tricja Cotterrill and make-up artist Marije Koelewijn. Hat comes from Demure in Amsterdam,” says Woudt.

“I really wanted to work with Alek and went to the studio for a day. That’s how I usually work: no mood boards, no complicated shots. Just a day in the studio of fluid creation This image is one of many taken that day.

Unprofessional, second place

reFocus One Shot Rewards
Fishing boat | Picture of Phuoc Hoai Nguyen

“To catch a lot of anchovies, these fishermen have to do very hard work. The boat is like a “war horse” and the fishermen are embodied as “warriors” rushing into the huge ocean. Fishermen have to sacrifice their safety and their lives to ensure their livelihood.

Professional, Third place

reFocus One Shot Rewards
The Net Embroiderer | Photo by Giovanni Tarantini

“I was traveling in Vietnam with a friend of mine, we walked a lot of miles to find great pictures to take,” says Tarantini.

“Finally, in the early morning, we arrived at an old port where there were ladies sewing tons of nets. I didn’t want to disturb the ladies while they were working so I really had a few seconds to take a picture so I took my camera on a tripod holding it high above the lady and I used a remote control to photograph.

Non-professional, third place

reFocus One Shot Rewards
Sailors & The Sphinx | Jonathan Jasberg

“Members of the French Navy bagpipe band ‘Bagad Lann Bihoue’ visit the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in October 2020 on their only international trip during covid.”

Picture credits: All photos are individually credited and provided courtesy of reFocus Awards.

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