The Winning Images from the Audubon Photography Awards 2022

Photo by Jack Zhi

The National Audubon Society has announced the winners of its thirteenth annual Audubon Photography Awards. Featured photos show the beauty of birds and the joy of capturing them in their environment through photos and videos.

This year, judges awarded eight prizes in five divisions from a field of 2,416 entrants from all 50 states, Washington DC and seven Canadian provinces and territories. The organization said it decided to continue awarding the female bird award and the video award, which were successfully introduced last year.

The Female Bird Prize shines a light on female birds, which are often overlooked and undervalued in bird photography and conservation. The video award recognizes the dynamic movement and behavior of birds and how we see and commemorate them.

All photos and videos are judged by the 2022 jury for their technical quality, originality and artistic value. All photographs must also follow Audubon’s Guide to Ethical Bird Photography and Videography.

The grand prize winner receives $5,000, and winners in the remaining categories receive between $1,000 and $2,500, except for the Youth Division, whose winner receives six days at Audubon’s Hog Island Audubon Camp during the 2023 season. .

Additionally, all winners and honorable mentions will be featured in the Summer 2022 issue of Audubon Magazine and will also travel the country in an Audubon Photography Awards exhibition, where they will be displayed at 28 locations in 19 states – including many Centers Audubon nature — between October 2022 and June 2023.

Grand Prize Photo

The grand prize photo, above, went to photographer Jack Shi from Costa Mesa, California, for his shot of a large, mostly white, white-tailed kite as it soars through the air with its wings and tail feathers widely spread. He faces the camera directly with his underside exposed and clutches a vole in his yellow talons. Another raptor flies above the forward-facing kite, its profile visible against a cloudless blue sky.

Below are all the other winners for each remaining category.

Professional Award Winner

A white-tailed ptarmigan sits on top of a rock overlooking mountains and a valley. The bird’s back faces the camera and its head is turned to the side, showing the viewer its profile. The bird’s brown and white feathers resemble the pattern of green lichen covering the rock. | Photo by Liron Gertsman

Amateur Prize Winner

A western grebe’s red eye stares into the camera, its body facing forward over near-still water. Two chicks climb on its back, their heads cocked around the adult grebe’s neck on either side. Each holds one or the other end of a silver fish in its beak. | Photo by Peter Shen

Youth Award Winner

A black-bellied whistling duck with a long brown body and pink legs perches on the edge of a gaping hole in the trunk of a palm tree. Its head, which also sports a bright pink beak, peers into the hollow of the trunk, which is yellow with the early morning light. Behind the tree is dense vegetation. | Photo by Jayden Preussner

Bird Plants Award Winner

A small Nashville warbler, yellow with a gray head, clings to the stem of a scarlet lemon balm plant. Its profile faces a pink seed head where a few bright red flower segments remain and stand out against a green background. In the beak of the bird is a small snail. | Photo by Shirley Donald

female bird price

A female Greater Sage-Grouse stands in profile surrounded by sagebrush. Spent seed heads extend slightly higher than the bird. White snow covers the ground up to the bird’s belly and clings to surrounding plants. The bird has a warm brown eye, a short but stout black beak, and finely patterned grey, white, brown and black feathers. The bird is lit by the bright morning sun coming from the right of the frame. | Photo by Alan Krakauer

Fisher Price

Professional Honorable Mention

Wings outstretched, two male Sharp-tailed Grouse face off, suspended in the air just above and in front of beige grasses. The bird on the left looks up at the bird on the right, seeming to snap it. The bird on the right looks at its attacker, its legs spread out in front of it. | Photo by Liron Gersman

Amateur Honorable Mention

Two black crows stand on the white snow. Standing slightly to the side, the bird on the left appears to be grooming the second, its beak on the second bird’s head. The bird on the right stands sideways in a slightly crouched position, its glossy feathers puffed out. | Photo by Ankur Khurana

Youth Honorable Mention

The head of a Prairie Chicken in profile is in focus, the prairie background is out of focus behind. The bird’s mouth is slightly open and the orange air sacs on its neck are deflated and have a bumpy texture. The horn-like feathers on its head are erect, and above the bird’s alert eyes protrude textured golden eyebrows. Its body is covered with brown and white striped feathers. | Photo by Amiel Hopkins

Bird Plants Honorable Mention

A Hawai’i ‘Amakihi drinks nectar upside down from the clustered pink flowers of the sandalwood tree. Below the flowers, a black and orange bee approaches, its flapping wings blurred. The bird’s small green body is in the soft sunlight as its slightly curved black beak disappears into a flower. | Photo by Warren Johnson

Video award winners and all other winners and honorable mentions can be seen on the National Audubon Society contest website, which also reveals more details about how each photo was taken.

Picture credits: All photos are individually credited and provided courtesy of the Audubon Photography Awards.

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