The Winners of the 2022 Minimalist Photography Awards

Photos by Daniel Dencescu | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

The winners of the fourth annual Minimalist Photography Awards have been announced and continue to support the idea that less can sometimes be more.

The non-profit competition, originally created by B&W Minimalist Magazine and now in its fourth year, is designed to “recognize, reward and expose talented photographers around the world and introduce them to the professional photography industry”. The contest continued to wow viewers with a celebration of all things “simple” proving how important composition is to art.

The 2022 edition of the Minimal Photography Awards grew with over 3,400 photographs submitted for consideration in 12 categories by photographers located in 43 different countries.

The big winner this year was Daniel Dencescu from Germany with his series entered in the Summary category. In addition to the honor and recognition associated with the contest, Dencesecu will take home $2,000 in prizes and be able to sell the series as NFT.

Photos by Daniel Dencescu | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022
Photos by Daniel Dencescu | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022
Photos by Daniel Dencescu | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

“I want to describe the murmurings of starlings as an elegant dance. There is certainly something fascinating about the way these birds move – a vast impromptu choreography, each bird being part of something much bigger than themselves. The colossal organic shapes that form have an inherent beauty, but here we see many unexpected coincidences. Photographed all of my whisper series against a flat, cloudless sky, the resulting images are undiluted. Sparse and beautiful, leaving room for many interpretations. The dawn cream color palette for my calligraphic photographs is based on the works of surrealist painter René Magritte and master Irving Penn,” he says.

Photos by Daniel Dencescu | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022
Photos by Daniel Dencescu | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

“I have spent over 200 hours in the field hunting and photographing starlings, all of the scenes are real. The term ‘whispering’ comes from the fact that thousands of wings beating at the same time produce a sound similar to a whisper. Grouping provides security in numbers – predators such as peregrine falcons find it difficult to target a bird amidst a mesmerizing flock of thousands. Starlings also come together for warmth at night and to exchange information , such as good feeding areas. I always look for where their roosting site might be, that’s where they perform their stunts before roosting for the night. There’s no leader in a whisper , the flock behaves as one entity. To stay united through the different escape patterns, each bird follows and imitates the behavior of seven neighbors. The flock can adapt quickly by focusing on a fixed number of birds , became nt dense or sparse, dividing and changing shape. Starling murmurs mainly occur at dusk, when the birds are congregating for the night. With these series I want to reveal the hidden beauty of common things shown from an unusual perspective of an elegant dance.

Photos by Daniel Dencescu | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Here are the winners of the remaining categories.


After a long day
Tamas Wachsler | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Tamas Wachsler
Title: After a long day
The description: “Visitors to the Hungarian Parliament, after an arduous walk, take a rest on the roof of the visitor center”


A river in southern Iceland
Daniel Frank | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Daniel Franco
Title: A river in southern Iceland
The description: “This very, very long black sand beach (you have to hike a couple of miles from the nearest road to get there) is especially fascinating on gloomy days like this. Add the river and cover it with some grass and moss in the colors of late autumn (i.e. September, in Iceland) and you have a truly ethereal landscape like out of this world.


group one
Daniel Fisher | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Daniel Fisher
Title: group one
The description: “It is an underpass to a road bridge made of precast concrete sections. I walk underneath to work and its sheer scale and brutality against the river and surrounding nature reserve always surprises me. It looks especially sci-fi in the fog (from different angles) as it disappears into the distance.


On time
Allen Koppe | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Allen Koppe
Title: on time
The description: “I have always been drawn to minimal and simple imagery. I love the simplicity and balanced harmony of minimalist photography where elements are arranged to remove the noise and clutter of our everyday world and allow to unique subjects, shapes and forms to be revealed in silent isolation.
With this series of works, I sought to create a pictorial fable, a myth where the imagery is situated between reality and the imaginary.

The use of collage and the reassembly and layering of photographic elements help shape the narrative. These images are a contemplation of isolation, a depiction of a surreal future world where majestic animals are seemingly lost among the remains of the human juggernaut.

The power of the works is found in their depiction of the sanctity of nature, the beauty of the natural world, and its vulnerability to the environmental impact that man has on the planet.

fine arts

Last night I dreamed that I could swim
Natalie Christensen | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Natalie Christensen
Title: Last night I dreamed that I could swim
The description: “The first pool I remember was the one I fell into when I was little. It was in an apartment complex where my young parents lived. I remember falling in, opening the eyes and seeing the color of the water and the reflection of the sunlight glinting in my field of vision. My mother took me out. I was about four years old. Eventually I became a fairly good swimmer and spent my childhood and teenage summers in any pool I could find.

My parents were divorced when I was eight and I spent every other weekend with my father. At the time, he lived in apartment complexes; some of which had swimming pools. My father would let my brother and I play for hours. And during the winter, he would take us to hotels that had indoor pools. These stays allowed us to avoid the feeling of loss.

My father’s business activities were subject to sudden changes. When times were good, he lived in luxurious homes; the best had swimming pools. But when the tides turned, the movements came suddenly. There were 11 houses in 10 years. And sometimes the pools dry up.

I learned that the presence of a swimming pool was a distraction from the impermanence of things. Below, there was an imminent feeling that all could be lost. Stable could quickly become unstable, and suddenly we were in over our heads. Yet the pool has always seduced. There was a comfort in the calm of its waters, though a calm that could not be trusted.

Now I see swimming pools as windows to my past and glimpses into my present. Beyond their surfaces, the depth of my discoveries is seemingly endless.


Simple Elegance 2
Tara Worker | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Tara Worker
Title: Simple elegance
The description: “Like most of us, sand dunes have been shaped by their surroundings, but we all have different faces and moods that we show. With this collection, I have chosen to showcase the graceful curves of the dunes and their softer sensual side.Each image in its abstraction has its own unique story to tell and through their subtle lines and curves they exude both simplicity and elegance.

Long exposure

Martin Annand | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Martin Annand
Title: Huts..
The description: “an impromptu photo shoot at the cabins”


Night Series
Brian Kosoff | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Brian Kosoff
Title: Night Series
The description: “I keep busy on clear nights. Film captures.

Open category

Small additions
Guido Klumpe | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Guido Klumpe
Title: Small additions
The description: “A series of juxtaposed positions in our urban environment. Here I was focusing on the little details that turn a mundane scene into something completely new.

Photo manipulation

Benjamin Briones Grandi | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Benjamin Briones Grandi
Title: Memories
The description: “This series is a representation of our inner landscapes using composite photography. The work is inspired by two sources: one is “The Mansions”, written by Saint Teresa of Ávila. The second inspiration comes from the mechanisms used by the human brain to integrate memories, dream and overcome trauma. The images are the result of a game with perspective, time, scale and colors. It is a construction made of pieces of real places put together using imagination and dreams. A rather healing combination.


Dancers in Black _ White
Frederic Gilles | Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Photographer: Frederic Gilles
Title: black and white dancers
The description: “Dancers in this series: William Dugan, So-Yeon Kim, Madeline Woo.”

To see all of the winning images from each series as well as additional finishers, be sure to visit the full gallery of 2022 winners on the Minimalist Photography Awards website.

Picture credits: All photos are individually credited, used with kind permission from the Minimalist Photography Awards.

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