Take Control of Your Digital Profile (and Earn Some Money While You’re at It)

We are living through some of the most influential decades in human history. The speed and creativity with which technological advancements are made is quite amazing (at least for a regular guy like me).

Photography – and the ways we share our photos – is developing at breakneck speed. But we risk losing the security and integrity of our images.

woman taking a photo outdoors

You work hard to pay for the equipment. You buy lights, software and flights to feed your need to discover beauty where others cannot see it. (That’s what we as photographers are looking for: unknown beauty.)

After spending time in photography training, and after subjecting yourself to the elements and the boredom of waiting for the light, why do you compromise with the platforms on which you present your work?

The problem with many photography platforms

The biggest photography platforms have the right to reuse, repackage and redesign your files as soon as you download them. After all this time, effort and investment you have put into the relationship between the platform and you, the user, these terms seem a bit unilateral.

photography studio with strobe lights and modifiers

But we have lost more than our security and our rights as creators. We have slowly and subtly lost hope that our subscribers, friends and family will see our work.

There was a time when you could expect your images to be shown to the vast majority of your network for the obvious reason: They were in your network.

Not anymore.

If your reach and engagement are declining, I have news for you: the algorithms controlling your subscriber feeds have deemed your posts less worthy. Not because what you share is shoddy, but for some mathematically derived reason.

Fortunately, all is not gloomy! As with all inequalities, there is repression. In finance, we have cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi. Of course, none of this is without its problems – but at the very least it challenges the status quo. In music, we have Rage Against the Machine, the Sex Pistols and NWA, who tackle uncomfortable topics and invite you to join them in asking “Why?”

Repression is an inherent human trait, and as humans we have an inherent love for it. We are rebels by default.

Maybe it’s time for social media to get some pushback. Maybe it’s time for users to have control over their data. It may be time for users to retain ownership and rights to their images indefinitely. Maybe it’s time for users to control who sees their content and what content they see. (It’s radical, I know!)

Enter ClickASnap, the photography platform that pays

sign outside with the words "rebel rebel"

ClickASnap’s mission is to restore user rights, which means it provides significant security and privacy. While companies make fundamental decisions based on financial benefits, ClickASnap makes decisions based on user experience and security.

It also offers payment. ClickASnap currently pays $0.70 per percent views of your photos – all photos. And no algorithm affects your feed, so everyone who follows you sees your posts. It’s so simple.

The platform is in the midst of a huge rejuvenation, and it will soon pay users up to 0.9 cents per view. To put that into perspective: for 1,000 image views, you earn $9. And when you consider that there are many ClickASnap users out there with hundreds of thousands of views, it all starts to make sense. And it all starts to get a little harder to ignore.

Click on snapshot screenshot

A paradigm shift is happening before our eyes. A Huffington Post survey found that only 3% of people have “a lot” of confidence that Facebook will secure their personal data. TikTok allegedly used user data, including videos watched and commented on, location data, phone model and operating system used, tapping rhythms people display when typing, and clipboards to copy-paste users. I’d like to say that this information is used to improve the platform and to better serve you, the user – but I’m afraid that’s naïve.

We are moving towards a balanced relationship between the platform and the user, and it is the user who will benefit the most. Your work should be subsidized by the traffic it generates; in other industries, that’s how it works.

woman with colorful code projection

ClickASnap is working towards a future where personal data is not traded like a commodity. A future where users are not herded like cattle to generic, addictive and manipulative content. I hope for a future where users are not indifferent to the platforms that host their online lives.

What ClickASnap represents is the next generation of multimedia platforms. It offers zero algorithmic interference, zero data harvesting, zero loss of ownership or image rights, and user payment for views of their work.

computer in the office with purple pictures on the screen

As the digital age progresses and accelerates, we learn more and share more and more, while security, website mechanisms and data collection become more opaque. Priorities change and the dawn of the user is here.

Then go to the ClickASnap website. And see what ClickASnap can do for you!

ClickASnap is a paid partner of dPS.

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