Your Work Deserves a .photography Domain

If you’re trying to establish your name as a professional photographer, creating the right website and choosing an appropriate domain name for your business is critical to your success. Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by Identity Digital. Building your brand as a photographer can be an overwhelming task. The identity you find yourself on … Read more

What Color Is Navy Blue? How To Work With It, Shades, and Related Colors

From navy blue hex code and navy blue RGB, to complementary colors, color variations and their uses, we share everything you need to know about this deep and enigmatic color. What color is Navy blue? This color is derived from indigo dyes and gained popularity in the mid 1700s when it was first used as … Read more

ACDSee Gemstone 12 Editor Is an Affordable Adobe Alternative, but Does It Work for You?

When I started photography, one of the hardest things for me was choosing which editing software to use. Indeed, many photographers are faced with the same problem on a daily basis. Beyond the classic choices, there is arguably a much better software you can choose: ACDSee Gemstone Photo Editor 12. It combines the features of … Read more

Canon’s New AMLOS Webcam System Aims to Transform Remote Work

Last week, Canon and The Hollywood Reporter hosted a premiere of the animated short The forest lair which was created through a partnership between Canon and HitRecord, the production company of actor Joseph Gorgon-Levitt. The team took advantage of Canon’s in-development AMLOS remote working system to collaborate with hundreds of people around the world as … Read more

How to Learn from Photography Books: 5 Tips to Improve Your Work

I recently realized that I have a problem: I buy too many books, especially photography books. Not those cheap Kindles, but those beautiful, expensive printed books that ended up decorating my wall, or my coffee table, and, in my case, maybe many coffee tables. “Buy books, not gear” is probably the most common response you’ll … Read more