Are Olympus Zuiko the GOAT Vintage Lenses?

Olympus has been using the Zuiko name for its line of high-quality lenses since 1936. Zuiko-branded lenses have been designed for medium-format, 35mm and even half-frame SLRs, rangefinders and point-and-shoot cameras. Assessing the best of anything in photography leads to heated debate and leaves a lot of room for subjectivity. Here are my 5 reasons … Read more

How To Bring A Vintage Cinematic Look To Modern Digital Images

Can a simple filter help you make your digital images more cinematic and movie-worthy? The answer is yes. K&F CONCEPT offers a series of Black Diffusion filters (sometimes referred to as “Black Mist”) which contain small particles embedded in the glass designed to diffuse light and create a soft, glowing mist effect. This series of … Read more