Photojournalist Consistently Captures Unique Angles of NYC’s Skyline

Photojournalist Gary Hershorn has a special talent for enchanting brightness and the use of unconventional viewpoints. It’s a persistent challenge when shooting one of New York’s most popular subjects: its skyline. Herson’s images offer viewers a refreshing perspective on the city’s skyline that has been photographed to the point of nausea, but managed to make … Read more

Timepiece Photographer Bucked Trends to Develop Her Unique Style

In addition to being the head storyteller at Mojang Studios, creators of the popular Minecraft video game, Lydia Winters has also become known for her product photography where she specializes in watches and inspires others looking to step into underrepresented spaces. Storytelling in video games and photos Winters, based in Sweden, creates stories for a … Read more