A New OM System Macro Lens, Digital PCM Sound Recorder, and Lens Road Map

OM Digital Solutions has announced an update to its lens roadmap, and macro photographers will be delighted with what’s there. Additionally, they have a new Linear PCM sound recorder. I have always laughed at the doomsayers and fearmongers on the internet who predicted the demise of OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) when it parted ways with … Read more

The Lightroom-Killing Catalog System From Mylio: Access Your Photos Anywhere

Good organizational skills are essential in almost any business environment. The same obviously goes for professional photographers, especially when it comes to photo management. Many photographers will use the built-in catalog system available in Lightroom. However, a company called Mylio can offer you a much better solution. Seattle-based company Mylio has been hard at work … Read more

We Review the Kase Armour Magnetic Filter System for Landscape Photography

Another magnetic filter holder system option for landscape photographers. Let’s see how it can improve your shooting process in the field. The game of landscape photography is constantly evolving. As new methods and approaches to photographing landscapes emerge, new innovations in the important accessories we use are also being developed. The goal is either to … Read more

Canon’s New AMLOS Webcam System Aims to Transform Remote Work

Last week, Canon and The Hollywood Reporter hosted a premiere of the animated short The forest lair which was created through a partnership between Canon and HitRecord, the production company of actor Joseph Gorgon-Levitt. The team took advantage of Canon’s in-development AMLOS remote working system to collaborate with hundreds of people around the world as … Read more