Zoner Photo Studio X Receives Major Update, Continues Pressure on Adobe

Zoner Photo Studio X is a holistic post-processing and file management solution for photographers, yet it goes unnoticed. Despite the fact that its price is only a fraction of Adobe’s full suite, major updates to improve it are regularly rolled out, and the latter adds a number of features. I first tried Zoner Photo Studio … Read more

Home photo studio setup: ideas, equipment, and advice

So, How? ‘Or’ What do do you have your own photography studio at home? How do you know when creating a home studio is the right decision? Is the investment even worth the risk? In this article, we’ve compiled some tips on how to create an effective photography studio setup at home. Affordable and practical … Read more

Profoto C1 Plus First Impressions: A Portable Studio Light for Smartphones

Today, most people own a smartphone with a camera that they take with them wherever they go. These state-of-the-art mobile cameras undoubtedly make everybody a photographer (in a certain sense of the term). But one of the key elements of good photography is good lighting, whether natural or artificial. Since good mobile photography requires good … Read more

How 21st-Century Tech Relaunched a 19th-Century Photo Studio

Tintype Photographic Studio, Silver and Cedar, has exploded in popularity over the past three years, thanks in large part to a captivated TikTok audience. Matt and Katie run their wet plate studio in Phoenix, Arizona, which uses technology popular nearly 200 years ago in the 1860s, to offer their clients a truly unique photographic product. … Read more