How I Shot a Spread for Harper’s Bazaar Using Only $100 Garage Lights

Having very expensive equipment can make you a versatile photographer with an edge over your peers. In my opinion, knowing how to use equipment creatively is a much more critical skill. Earlier this year, I was hired to shoot for Harper’s Bazaar in my studio. In the early years of my career, I used strobes … Read more

The Winning Photos From the reFocus Awards ‘One Shot’ Competition

The reFocus Awards have announced the winners of their One Shot Photo Awards, the newly formed organization’s first competition. The reFocus Awards is a relatively new photography competition and platform that has been designed to provide opportunities, prizes and discovery points for photographers around the world. The organization says that through its Artist Directory, Winners’ … Read more

Wedding Shot List: Essential Moments a Photographer Should Capture

In my complete guide to wedding photography, I covered 10 critical moments a wedding photographer can’t miss. In this guide, I want to go online and take a closer look at what photos to take at a wedding. I’ll categorize it into a few categories to help simplify the way you think about your wedding … Read more

How Chris Burkard Shot Iceland’s Latest Volcanic Eruption for NatGeo

After centuries of inactivity, Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula has erupted twice in less than a year, causing fountains of glowing rock. The latest eruption, which began at 1:18 p.m. local time on August 3, opened up in a fissure just a few hundred meters from the cone created by last year’s volcanic eruption. On the ground … Read more

How Nat Geo’s Gorgeous ‘Stonehenge Revealed’ Cover Photo Was Shot

Sunset brings peace but not tranquility to Stonehenge, which is bordered by a busy highway. “One thing that was bothersome, even at night, was the constant noise from nearby traffic,” says photographer Reuben Wu. “I found myself imagining what the place would have felt like thousands of years ago. years.” | Ruben Wu/National Geographic; image … Read more

How I Built a Wet Plate Frankenstein Camera and Shot Ghost Photos

Photographer Corrine Gretton-West booked a wet plate workshop with me before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Two years later, we were finally able to do it. The main subject was to become familiar with the wet collodion process and to create images similar to those of spiritual photographer William H. Mumler. Mr. Mumler created images (likely … Read more