Vero Won’t Replace Instagram for Photographers, and Here Is Why

If you go to YouTube, one of the most common videos you’ll see is how Vero beats Instagram. There are many positive things to say about Vero, however, it is unlikely that it will ever reach the same popularity as Instagram. If anything, Vero’s popularity will die down with the hype. Everyone makes videos on … Read more

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Photography?

With technology continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, there have been many recent discussions about whether digital renders can truly replace product photography. Going a step further, is it possible that one day artificial intelligence could simply create images without the need for any intervention from a photographer or a digital artist? As photographers, … Read more

How to Replace Colors in an Image | Color Changer Tool

Your browser does not support the video tag. If you have the right photo with the wrong colors, our color replacement superpowers are here to save the day. You don’t need complicated photo editing software like Photoshop to do this. You just need PicMonkey. We’ll show you quick steps to replacing colors in an image, … Read more