5 Reasons Why Black and White Shouldn’t Be Used for Landscape Photography

I asked a community of Dutch photographers what they thought of black and white photography for landscapes. It seems that this is not generally accepted, and many strange reasons are given why black and white should not be used. I would like to share some of the reasons that surprised me. If you shoot in … Read more

Never Tried Car Photography? Here Are Five Good Reasons You Should.

Photographing cars and motorsports is a unique and exhilarating genre of photography, here are 5 good reasons to try it. Maybe it’s the speed, or maybe it’s the sound. Or even the feeling you get when a glorious V12 engine roars past you, unleashing a rush of blood-pumping adrenaline. There are countless reasons to love … Read more

Five Reasons I Crop Peoples’ Heads Off in Headshots and You Should Too

Believe it or not, cropping and photo orientation is a controversial topic in the photography community. In this article and accompanying video, I give you five reasons to crop horizontally and take the top of your head off a bit. Although horizontal head cropping has become more common, it remains the exception rather than the … Read more

4 Reasons Why the Autofocus of Your Camera Is Failing

Modern autofocus systems are advanced. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never miss a shot again when it comes to focusing. But autofocus can still fail under certain circumstances. Let’s look at the times when even the most advanced autofocus can give up. With each new camera, the autofocus system seems more advanced. If you didn’t … Read more