Portraits of Americans in the Intimacy of Their Bedrooms

Photographer Barbara Peacock began capturing strangers in their bedrooms, eventually developing the project into an in-depth portrait of the American people today. A Glimpse of American Life Six years ago, Peacock — based in Portland, Maine — started a social photography project, “American Bedroom.” The idea was simple: create unattended portraits of people in their … Read more

Create Stunning Portraits With This Simple Two-Light Setup

Creating even, flattering light in the studio doesn’t have to be difficult. In this tutorial, I’ll show you three easy parallel lighting tricks to achieve portraits that everyone from the boardroom to Broadway will love. What is Parallel Lighting? Parallel lighting is a two-light setup where one light is placed on each side of your … Read more

Creating Cosplay and Superhero Inspired Photo Portraits

Creating compelling images inspired by sci-fi and fantasy was once a task that required either impressive hands-on effects and lighting, dexterous digital painting skills, or proficiency with complex 3D animation software. Recently, Boris FX, an Oscar-winning software company that has been developing visual effects tools for film and television for over 20 years, leveled the … Read more