What Focal Length Should You Use for Portrait Photography?

In order to create great portraits, you need to have many quality components: lighting, composition, as well as the choice of camera and lens. Deciding which focal length to use for portraiture can be tricky, so in this article, I’ll make some suggestions on which lenses you should use for your next portrait photo shoot. … Read more

Guest Blog: Portrait Photographer Frank Doorhof

Editor’s Note: This was originally published in 2016, and I thought it would be great to share it again with Frank’s latest KelbyOne course! Some time ago I posted this online: When you look at carpenters, you won’t see them mocking each other because of the brand of hammer they use. They know that everything … Read more

Mentorship and the Illusion of Originality: An Interview With Portrait Master Ivan Weiss

I recently had the chance to meet the London photographer Ivan Weiss, whom I consider to be one of the great portrait painters of our time. Weiss’ unique work has been featured by Canon UK, Affinity Photo, Vogue, BBC and Forbes, among others, and he also runs the Portrait Track in Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, … Read more

We Review the Infinite Retouch Portrait Editing Plugin

Portrait retouching is a process that requires consistent, well-practiced technique and an efficient, well-organized workflow to produce professional results in a reasonable amount of time. In this review, we take a look at Pratik Naik’s Infinite Retouch Panel and how it can help you create better results in less time. In You Don’t Know Pratik … Read more

6 Tips for Hand Poses (in Portrait Photography)

Hand poses are so important in portrait photography; they can convey strength, gentleness, love, affection, etc. However, for beginners, putting hands down can be extremely difficult. After all, how to make hands elegant and soft? How to make hands loving and affectionate? How can you place your hands to convey maximum emotion? As a professional … Read more

Portrait Photography Challenge: Shoot with a Flashlight and Phone

There can be a lot of gear envy among photographers when they see other people with tons of expensive camera gear, lighting gear, and modifiers. It’s also all too easy to say you can’t be creative because you don’t have access to a particular light or equipment. Usually, however, this mindset is unrelated to equipment … Read more

How Studying Karsh, the Man and the Artist, Can Make Us Better Portrait Photographers

Yousef Karsh is widely regarded as one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 20th century. In this essay, I discuss five ways in which studying Karsh’s life and photos can impact our own work as portrait painters. At the peak of his career, Karsh was so famous that being photographed by him was simply … Read more

Philippe Halsman: American Portrait Photographer to the Stars

Philippe Halsmann. Photo by Irene Halsman. Philippe Halsman was born in Riga, Latvia, on May 2, 1906. He discovered an old camera in the family attic at the age of fifteen, bought glass plates and took up photography. Like many other photographers, when he first saw this image appear in the darkroom set, it was … Read more