Picsart for education: let’s go back to school

Who can access Picsart for Education? Picsart for education is for everyone in their school career. Below, we’ll share links and examples to useful templates, tutorials, and quick-editing tools for teachers, students, and schools. So whether you’re a teacher looking for a lesson plan template, a school in need of a fundraising flyer design, or … Read more

How to Make and Find the Best Free Custom Stickers on Picsart

Let’s dive in, it’s time to learn how to make a sticker on Picsart. What are personalized stickers? In graphic design, stickers are design elements that you can create by cutting or modifying other images. It’s basically cutting out an image that you can apply to another design, much like you would add a sticker … Read more

Marketing Small Business Strategies – Picsart Blog

As you sit down and brainstorm advertising ideas to market your small businesses, you will find that you have a lot of material. You know how to market your business because you know your product, why it’s important, and who needs it. In this article, we’ll walk you through the key considerations for developing a … Read more

Announcing the 2022 Picsart Masters of the Year Tournament Winners

What is the Masters Tournament of the Year? Originally submitted by the master contributor @youevil in 2021, the Masters of the Year tournament is a bracket-style competition where Masters compete to hold the title of Master of the Year in Image Editing, Original Photography, Original Artwork, Original Proofreading, and Original Sticker. In each round of … Read more