5 Reasons Your Photography Channel Isn’t Growing on YouTube in 2022 

Getting views on YouTube isn’t easy, especially now in 2022. With so many of us hoping to get more eyes on our work and eventually make YouTube a successful side hustle, the struggle is real when trying to to get traction in the photography genre. Don’t worry, I’m not just speaking as a viewer or … Read more

Is Technology in Photography Lowering the Bar or Increasing Freedom?

The art of photography has arguably changed more in the past 20 years than in the century before it. With every improvement in equipment comes the inevitable groans from many photographers who believe that technology takes away from the gear. Is it justified or erroneous? I have a Fujifilm GFX 50R, a medium format digital … Read more

Coffee Photography: How to Create Artsy Coffee Pictures

Normal photography vs coffee photography Food and drink photography is a great way to enhance and practice your photography skills using a subject we all know and love. It is always still photography, making it a relatively easy subject. But coffee photography presents its share of unique obstacles (steam, lighting, desire to drink everything…). Don’t … Read more

The Surprising Reason Photography Is Dying on Instagram

If you’ve used Instagram in the past six months, you may have noticed the slow decline of photography on your feed. The reels are the main culprit behind this change, but there’s more to it than you might think. I’ve always had a rocky relationship with Instagram for the photography experience, but it’s the absolute … Read more

Telephoto Street Photography: Pros and Cons

Most successful street photographers work with a 50mm or 35mm lens (including famous 50mm photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson) – but what about an 85mm lens? A 135mm lens? A 200mm lens? In other words, how about using a telephoto lens for street photography? Telephoto street photography may not be common, but it’s not necessarily bad. And … Read more

We Review the Kase Armour Magnetic Filter System for Landscape Photography

Another magnetic filter holder system option for landscape photographers. Let’s see how it can improve your shooting process in the field. The game of landscape photography is constantly evolving. As new methods and approaches to photographing landscapes emerge, new innovations in the important accessories we use are also being developed. The goal is either to … Read more