COVID Casts a Long Shadow Over the Wedding Photography Business

For wedding photographers, the pandemic has been a blow to their business. But even after big events started making a comeback last year, COVID continues to significantly affect the wedding photography business landscape. The wedding industry has been decimated by the pandemic, and while recent studies have shown most believe the photography industry is returning … Read more

Why You Should Keep Your Wedding Photography Simple

In recent years weddings have become much more relaxed and documentary wedding photography is taking over. How can reducing our need to make choices when shooting help our fair play? I want to be clear: documentary wedding photography isn’t just about taking pictures of people without their knowledge. For me, it’s about capturing the story … Read more

13 Tips for Gorgeous Cave Photography

Cave photography is exhilarating, powerful and breathtaking all at once. But caves pose unique challenges for photographers; low light levels make it difficult to capture detailed exposure, and cave conditions can be uncomfortable or downright dangerous. In this article, I share my top tips for great cave photos. Concretely, I explain: The techniques (and gear) … Read more

5 Important Factors for Better Reflections in Landscape Photography

The reflections in the foreground of your landscape always provide a satisfying viewing experience because of the depth and symmetry they create. Here are some steps that can help you get a more refined output. One of the most appealing visual design techniques in landscape photography is the use of symmetry. In a natural setting … Read more

7 Easy Tips for Amazing People Photography

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Your Work Deserves a .photography Domain

If you’re trying to establish your name as a professional photographer, creating the right website and choosing an appropriate domain name for your business is critical to your success. Full disclosure: This article was sponsored by Identity Digital. Building your brand as a photographer can be an overwhelming task. The identity you find yourself on … Read more

Tips & Tricks for E-Commerce Product Photography – Pixlr Blog

When it comes to promoting your products online, things can get tricky because shoppers have no choice but to smell, wear, or try the products. Not having a physical store can be a challenge for some e-commerce sellers. This is where e-commerce photography is rushing to save today. Ecommerce product photography is a visual representation … Read more