Every Landscape Photographer Should Know This

This editing technique is something every landscape photographer should learn. This can be especially useful when approaching an image with some technical flaws. Landscape photographers focus a lot of energy on capturing scenes with as much technical detail as possible: multiple exposures, focus stacking for perfect sharpness, or even using tripod heads for flawless panoramas. … Read more

Canon Professional Services: Should You Join CPS as a Photographer?

As a professional photographer, it is very important to know that you have the support of a manufacturer to maintain your equipment. Canon knows this, which is why it offers dedicated Canon Professional Services (CPS) to its customers; here’s an overview of what the service is and whether you should become a member. Contents What … Read more

The Photographer Who Fought the Sicilian Mafia for Five Decades

When Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia died on April 13, 2022, the biggest shock among those of us who wrote about her was that she did not die at the hands of the mafia. For nearly five decades, she fearlessly fought the criminal enterprise. Armed with her 35mm camera, she publicized the Sicilian Mafia’s reign of … Read more

Timepiece Photographer Bucked Trends to Develop Her Unique Style

In addition to being the head storyteller at Mojang Studios, creators of the popular Minecraft video game, Lydia Winters has also become known for her product photography where she specializes in watches and inspires others looking to step into underrepresented spaces. Storytelling in video games and photos Winters, based in Sweden, creates stories for a … Read more