photo-eye | BLOG: A Peek at Current Exhibition

Maggie Taylor’s vivid photomontages are awash with fantasy, history and symbolism. In this month’s Gallery Favorites segment, we each picked an image from Taylor’s exhibition Internal logic which speaks personally to each of us and details what we find intriguing and delightful in each work. For this post, we’re thrilled that Maggie is also sharing … Read more

photo-eye | BLOG: Siri Kaur

Photo-eye gallery Siri Kaur – SHE SAYS EVERYTHING, Practice and portrait Delaney Hoffman This week, we find Siri Kaur, artist of the Photographer’s Showcase, with a special interview about her project, SHE SAYS EVERYTHING. SHE SAYS EVERYTHING is a deep dive into the wondrous emotional worlds of the witches of Los Angeles with the artist … Read more