Blood Moon, Aurora, and Milky Way Captured in One Photo

Photographer Justin Anderson captured a trio of beautiful celestial elements together. During the total lunar eclipse, he was able to capture the blood moon, aurora and milky way together in a stunning panorama. While Anderson only picked up his first camera five years ago, he immediately felt drawn to the vast landscapes and beauty of … Read more

Creating Cosplay and Superhero Inspired Photo Portraits

Creating compelling images inspired by sci-fi and fantasy was once a task that required either impressive hands-on effects and lighting, dexterous digital painting skills, or proficiency with complex 3D animation software. Recently, Boris FX, an Oscar-winning software company that has been developing visual effects tools for film and television for over 20 years, leveled the … Read more

China Accused of Covering Up Photo Evidence of the First Everest Ascent

A book has suggested that a lost Vest Pocket Camera which may contain photos of climbers atop Mount Everest, 30 years before the first official ascent, may have been discovered by Chinese authorities and hidden away. On June 8, 1924, British mountaineers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine embarked on an expedition to become the first … Read more

Completing The ‘Up-Lit Photo Challenge’ Is Extremely Difficult

Being a well-rounded photographer who can succeed in any situation is the ultimate goal of most photographers. However, what happens when you are forced to take a portrait by lighting from below? Today, I take up the challenge. Most photographers enjoy the convenience of using their most tried and true lighting techniques. Whether it’s lighting … Read more

Optimize Your Lightroom Photo Editing with These Tips and Tools

With advancements in computer technology, you would think photo editing is faster than ever. This is simply not the case far from it. Software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic has become much more sophisticated, and with increasing file sizes, improving the speed and productivity of your workflow becomes a necessity. This article explains how some … Read more