U.S. Copyright Office Argues Warhol’s Use of Prince Photo Was Not ‘Fair Use’

The United States Copyright Office has submitted an opinion to the Supreme Court that argues that Andy Warhol’s use of Lynn Goldsmith’s photo of Prince was not fair use, sharing sentiments with opinions sent by NPPA and ASMP. On March 29, 2021, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New York, found that … Read more

My Friend’s Smartphone Took a Photo That Rivals My Full-Frame Camera

Left: Photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S22. Right: Photo taken with a 5D Mark III. Over the past few years, manufacturers have repeatedly blamed smartphones for being the reason the camera market has collapsed so dramatically, and recent experience now has me perfectly clear. Last weekend I attended the Southport skate jam and as … Read more

Radiant Photo Is a New AI App Designed To Get Your Images in Great Shape With Little or No Editing

Just when you thought there were more than enough raw image editors, there comes another one with fresh thinking and great results. This new editor is called Radiant Photo. According to the company, when an image is loaded into Radiant Photo, within seconds you’ll see a Radiant version of it. In most cases, this will … Read more

Spectacular and Unusual Photo of an Osprey Gliding on the Water’s Surface

Photographer Andy Woo captured the perfect moment of an osprey gliding across the surface of a body of water, an unusual and dramatic shot of the wild raptor. The photo was taken in August 2020 and is one of the most popular photos Woo has shared on his Instagram. He says the osprey photo was … Read more

Best tips for Instagram photo aesthetics

If you’re an entrepreneur or personal blogger, your Instagram aesthetic should reflect your brand voice and values. It should stay consistent throughout your photos, creating a sense of brand identity. It should also be consistent with your website and any other public-facing design. This way your audience knows how to identify with you and trust … Read more

How to Make a Video a Live Photo

A Live Photo can be created from a video, but it’s not a built-in capability of the iPhone. Instead, a third-party app is required. Alternatively, an iPhone can capture a Live Photo if the camera app is configured to do so. The iPhone’s default Live Auto setting, however, leaves the decision up to an Apple … Read more

A Poker Hand Ranking of Street Photo Compositions

I thought I’d have a little fun street shooting, so I started naming my street comps after winning hands while playing cards. So from a truly exceptional hand (a brilliant composition filled with intricacy) to the simplest card (a simple snapshot of a simple subject). Read on to find out how to score winning hands! … Read more

Home photo studio setup: ideas, equipment, and advice

So, How? ‘Or’ What do do you have your own photography studio at home? How do you know when creating a home studio is the right decision? Is the investment even worth the risk? In this article, we’ve compiled some tips on how to create an effective photography studio setup at home. Affordable and practical … Read more

How Nat Geo’s Gorgeous ‘Stonehenge Revealed’ Cover Photo Was Shot

Sunset brings peace but not tranquility to Stonehenge, which is bordered by a busy highway. “One thing that was bothersome, even at night, was the constant noise from nearby traffic,” says photographer Reuben Wu. “I found myself imagining what the place would have felt like thousands of years ago. years.” | Ruben Wu/National Geographic; image … Read more