Canon EOS R7 First Impressions: The Performance King of APS-C

APS-C cameras from other manufacturers have become stagnant and uninteresting, but the Canon EOS R7 aims to change that with more megapixels, faster continuous shooting and better autofocus. Build quality and design The Canon EOS R7 features a new body design that sits somewhere between the EOS R10 and the Rebel T8i in terms of … Read more

The New Vivo X80 Pro Promises Huge Leaps in Camera Performance

Vivo has announced the X80 series smartphones which build on the foundations of the X series but offer extensive photographic upgrades which it says are unmatched. A premium mobile photography experience The X80 Pro features a 32-megapixel front camera and a quad-camera rear array consisting of an ultra-sensitive 50-megapixel camera with CNG sensor and optical … Read more