Ruling Overturned: You May Again Need a Permit to Film in National Parks

A court has upheld a National Park Service fee and permit requirement for commercial videography in national parks, overturning a previous ruling that found the requirement a violation of First Amendment rights. As noted by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), the original case was brought by filmmaker Gordon Price, who was fined for failing … Read more

eye | BLOG: Reuben Wu & National Geographic explore Stonehenge!

Photo-eye gallery Reuben Wu and National Geographic explore Stonehenge Jovi Esquivel, Anne Kelly Reuben Wu on the cover of National Geographic’s August 2022 issue, “Stonehenge Revealed” Images: Reuben Wu, National Geographic; Animation: Rebekah Barlas, National Geographic As a new member of the photo-eye team, I am constantly amazed by the work I have the opportunity … Read more

Photographing Moonbows at Night in Yosemite National Park

Rainbows are a favorite subject for landscape photographers, but the lesser-known phenomena known as ‘moonbows’ – rainbows created by moonlight – aren’t as easy to find. . However, once photographers know where to look, they are easier to predict. California photographer Brian Hawkins has been capturing Yosemite National Park’s famous moon arch for 12 years. … Read more