50 Years After ‘Napalm Girl,’ Myths Distort the Reality Behind a Horrific Photo

The ‘Napalm Girl’ photograph of terrorized Vietnamese children fleeing an errant airstrike on their village, taken 50 years ago this month, has been rightly called ‘a photo that doesn’t stop’. It’s one of those outstanding visual artifacts that attracts attention and even controversy years after it was made. Warning: This article contains graphic images that … Read more

‘Napalm Girl’ Turns 50: The Generation-Defining Image Capturing the Futility of the Vietnam War

How does an image become an icon? It is estimated that today we produce more images in two minutes than during the entire 19th century. How, then, can an image be so powerful that it can symbolize the horror of war and help mobilize anti-war sentiment? Warning: This article contains graphic images that some may … Read more