Here are More Ways You Can Save Money in Photography

Skyrocketing costs are hitting photographers hard. Here are more ways to save money and do photography on a budget. I occasionally receive messages from readers. Most of them are kind and complimentary, and one article has generated several sympathetic emails. In May, I wrote a relatively popular article about photographers saving money. Photographers are still … Read more

Take Control of Your Digital Profile (and Earn Some Money While You’re at It)

We are living through some of the most influential decades in human history. The speed and creativity with which technological advancements are made is quite amazing (at least for a regular guy like me). Photography – and the ways we share our photos – is developing at breakneck speed. But we risk losing the security … Read more

Incredible Money Saving Offer! Upgrade to SpyderX Elite Today from Any Brand

Do you have a monitor calibration device? If you do, you can upgrade to Datacolor SpyderX Elite for just $149.99 today (originally $269.99). That’s an incredible savings of $120 direct from the manufacturer. But hurry, this incredible offer ends on June 24, 2022! Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Datacolor. If you … Read more