Profoto C1 Plus First Impressions: A Portable Studio Light for Smartphones

Today, most people own a smartphone with a camera that they take with them wherever they go. These state-of-the-art mobile cameras undoubtedly make everybody a photographer (in a certain sense of the term). But one of the key elements of good photography is good lighting, whether natural or artificial. Since good mobile photography requires good … Read more

4 Tips for Chasing the Best Light in Landscape Photography

The game of landscape photography is 90% the quality of light. This is the most crucial and uncontrollable factor in your shooting. Here are some tips to get the most out of it. Landscape photography is definitely not just about the location or landmark seen in the photo. Even the most beautiful places and natural … Read more

Godox Parabolic Light Modifiers: Better Than Broncolor?

Parabolic light modifiers are some of the most versatile on the market. Coincidentally, they are also among the most expensive on the market. Appreciated for its versatility, hated for its price, and very few photographers own it. Godox decided to create an affordable but also truly parabolic softbox. So how did they do it? Spoiler … Read more

The Key Elements of Composition: Light and the Relationships of Forms

Photographers, from beginners to more experienced, are looking for ways to improve their compositions. To succeed in your research, you have to compose an image based on two things above all: light, and the relationship of forms. Please note that I have not referred to any so-called “composition rules” because such rules are both useless … Read more