The Biggest Life Lesson for Becoming a Successful Photographer

There is a big mistake that some photographers repeat over and over again. It can cause more damage to their professional or amateur careers than a blurry photograph. I’m typing this in an apartment in Warsaw, Poland. On the wall, a series of black and white prints of Paris. These are fabulous shots, perfectly executed, … Read more

5 Still Life Lighting Tips for Breathtaking Photos

Did you know that lighting is the most important element in still life photography? It’s true. Lighting adds ambiance, provides context, stimulates interest and helps create dynamic shots – so if you can learn how to do still life lighting like an expert, then you’ll be on your way. good way to capture exceptional images. … Read more

What Does a Day in the Life of a 3D Designer Look Like?

In the past, 3D design was a complicated and time-consuming process that required experts with specialized level knowledge. You needed someone for 3D modeling, shading and lighting. It was difficult to find generalists who excelled in all of these areas. The Adobe Substance 3D ecosystem brings significant change and makes 3D design accessible to everyone. … Read more

Guest Blog: Photojournalist and LIFE Magazine Picture Editor John Loengard

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2010 and has long been one of my favorite articles in this long series of guest blogs. I wanted to share it here again as a reminder that while we’re not all magazine photographers with writers, very often we are our own writers and can improve our … Read more