5 Reasons Why Black and White Shouldn’t Be Used for Landscape Photography

I asked a community of Dutch photographers what they thought of black and white photography for landscapes. It seems that this is not generally accepted, and many strange reasons are given why black and white should not be used. I would like to share some of the reasons that surprised me. If you shoot in … Read more

5 Important Factors for Better Reflections in Landscape Photography

The reflections in the foreground of your landscape always provide a satisfying viewing experience because of the depth and symmetry they create. Here are some steps that can help you get a more refined output. One of the most appealing visual design techniques in landscape photography is the use of symmetry. In a natural setting … Read more

What’s the Most Efficient Telephoto Lens for Landscape Photography?

Telephoto lenses are very useful in landscape photography, but the fact that they are usually heavier and/or bulkier can sometimes be a concern. How do you know which one is worth picking up? While ultra-wide-angle lenses are perhaps the most popular among beginner landscape photographers, there’s no doubt that telephoto lenses bring so much in … Read more

4 Tips for Chasing the Best Light in Landscape Photography

The game of landscape photography is 90% the quality of light. This is the most crucial and uncontrollable factor in your shooting. Here are some tips to get the most out of it. Landscape photography is definitely not just about the location or landmark seen in the photo. Even the most beautiful places and natural … Read more