6 Important Things About Landscape Photography That Are Often Overlooked

If you love landscape photography, you probably know a lot about camera equipment, settings, and the most common composition rules and techniques. But landscape photography isn’t always about these things. I have six important tips that are often overlooked. Many articles on landscape photography are available. Most of them talk about equipment and settings that … Read more

5 Reasons to Use a Telephoto Lens for Landscape Photography

Telephoto lenses may not be the most popular landscape photography lens, but – when used correctly – they can produce consistently excellent results. I do telephoto landscape photography all the time, and in this article, I share my top five reasons to use this long lens for shooting landscapes. So if you’re ready to start … Read more

Every Landscape Photographer Should Know This

This editing technique is something every landscape photographer should learn. This can be especially useful when approaching an image with some technical flaws. Landscape photographers focus a lot of energy on capturing scenes with as much technical detail as possible: multiple exposures, focus stacking for perfect sharpness, or even using tripod heads for flawless panoramas. … Read more

3 Important Visual Factors for Better Landscape Photography

How do you ensure your photos make a lasting impression? Is there a formula that can help you achieve better visual design? Landscape photography goes far beyond simply documenting a certain place through photographs. It’s not just about traveling to take pictures of a place. The profound goal of a landscape photographer is to find … Read more

Flares, Spots, and Sunbursts: Dealing With the Sun in Landscape Photography

Having the sun in your shot when shooting sunrise or sunset landscapes adds a lot to the impact of your photos. But how do you deal with unwanted smudges and glare? Although landscape photography can be done at any time of the day, it is undoubtedly more common to photograph landscapes during the golden hour, … Read more