How the James Webb Deep Field Images Reminded Me the Divide Between Science and Art is Artificial

The first task I give photography students is to create a starscape. To do this, I ask them to sweep the floor below them, collect the dust and dirt in a paper bag, then sprinkle it on a sheet of 8×10 inch photo paper. Then, using the photographic enlarger, expose the trash-covered paper to light. … Read more

Hour-Long Documentary Chronicles James Webb’s Journey Into Space

NOVA, an award-winning science series from PBS, has premiered a new special that chronicles the journey of the James Webb Space Telescope through space through the capture of its incredible first photos. The one-hour film titled Ultimate Space Telescope follows more than two decades of development leading up to the launch of the James Webb … Read more

James Webb’s Guidance Sensor Provides Preview of its Imaging Prowess

NASA has released a new image that was captured by the James Webb Space Telescope’s Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS), the tool the observatory finds and locks onto targets, which provides insight into the incredible imaging feats of the telescope. In less than a week, NASA will release the first color images taken by the James … Read more