From Headshots to Headlines: An Interview With Peter Hurley

Headshot photography has recently made headlines. A few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal interviewed headshot guru Peter Hurley about the importance of a professional headshot in a rapidly changing business landscape (The perfect professional portrait is worth $1,000 and maybe even a job). His print interview was quickly followed by a segment on Good … Read more

Mentorship and the Illusion of Originality: An Interview With Portrait Master Ivan Weiss

I recently had the chance to meet the London photographer Ivan Weiss, whom I consider to be one of the great portrait painters of our time. Weiss’ unique work has been featured by Canon UK, Affinity Photo, Vogue, BBC and Forbes, among others, and he also runs the Portrait Track in Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, … Read more

Valuable Creative Insights and Tips for Mobile Photos and Video: We Interview David Ma

David Ma is a director and filmmaker whose cinematic photos and food videos have captured the attention of the culinary and creative worlds, earning him a spot on Adweek’s Top 100 Creatives of 2021. In this interview, we learn about his valuable creative insights, tips for filmmakers and photographers, and how creating content on the … Read more

An Interview with Hugo-Victor Solomon: Affective Documentary Photography

The common thread that first attracted me to Hugo-Victor Solomon’s work is the honesty and candor of his portraits. Hugo, originally from Seattle, Washington, now resides in Montreal, Canada, where he creates emotional, portrait-focused photography. To clarify, affect can be thought of as emotions or subjective experience. Hugo started photography in 2016. He had a … Read more