Understanding and Respecting Your Subject is More Important Than Your Camera

Do you travel to exotic places? On the hunt for rare megafauna in spectacularly isolated landscapes? Here are some expert tips for getting the best photos while respecting your subjects and their surroundings. Spoiler, it’s not just about your camera. HOWL – A Wildlife Photo Convention brought together several wildlife photographers and wildlife experts to … Read more

5 Important Factors for Better Reflections in Landscape Photography

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5 Important Things To Know if You’re Shooting Photos at a Beach and in the Surf

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AI Editing Lets This Wedding Photographer Focus on What’s Important

Capturing vibrant Indian and Southeast Asian weddings is no small feat, but Charmi Peña has managed to strike the perfect balance between a rewarding wedding photography career and a family life filled with memories. Full disclosure: This story is brought to you by Imagen. In the 16 years Peña, from New Jersey, has built her … Read more

6 Important Things About Landscape Photography That Are Often Overlooked

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Why Lens Coatings Are So Important in Photography

In recent years, some lens designers have updated their lenses with new lens coatings. For example, Pentax’s new limited lenses feature an existing optical design with only a few improvements, including better lens coating. When testing such lenses, reviewers generally agree that new lens coatings significantly improve image quality (especially contrast and flare), but never … Read more

3 Important Visual Factors for Better Landscape Photography

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