Photojournalist Rehab Eldalil’s Emotive Images Encapsulate ‘Identity’

Getty Photographer Rehab Eldalil is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in Cairo, Egypt. His work presents a brooding and visceral, yet often inspiring, take on the broad theme of “identity.” Focusing on this theme through the participatory creative practices of her subjects, Eldalil is also one of the recipients of the Getty Image … Read more

How To Bring A Vintage Cinematic Look To Modern Digital Images

Can a simple filter help you make your digital images more cinematic and movie-worthy? The answer is yes. K&F CONCEPT offers a series of Black Diffusion filters (sometimes referred to as “Black Mist”) which contain small particles embedded in the glass designed to diffuse light and create a soft, glowing mist effect. This series of … Read more

Radiant Photo Is a New AI App Designed To Get Your Images in Great Shape With Little or No Editing

Just when you thought there were more than enough raw image editors, there comes another one with fresh thinking and great results. This new editor is called Radiant Photo. According to the company, when an image is loaded into Radiant Photo, within seconds you’ll see a Radiant version of it. In most cases, this will … Read more

How the James Webb Deep Field Images Reminded Me the Divide Between Science and Art is Artificial

The first task I give photography students is to create a starscape. To do this, I ask them to sweep the floor below them, collect the dust and dirt in a paper bag, then sprinkle it on a sheet of 8×10 inch photo paper. Then, using the photographic enlarger, expose the trash-covered paper to light. … Read more

The Winning Images from the Audubon Photography Awards 2022

Photo by Jack Zhi The National Audubon Society has announced the winners of its thirteenth annual Audubon Photography Awards. Featured photos show the beauty of birds and the joy of capturing them in their environment through photos and videos. This year, judges awarded eight prizes in five divisions from a field of 2,416 entrants from … Read more

How to Get Incredible Landscape Images on the Coast

Having photographed more sunsets than I can count along the Pacific Coast, I experienced many different conditions and learned a plethora of valuable lessons. These are the most important tips I’ve found throughout this trip that will help you the next time you’re filming along the coast. In my last article, I explained how entering … Read more

You Are Still a Photographer, Even If No One Likes Your Images

I think we’ve all been there. After culling, editing and sweating over every detail, we release our latest masterpiece to be greeted with three likes. One comes from our mother, the other two from our friends who know nothing about photography. It’s demoralizing. It often raises questions like “why am I doing this?”, “Am I … Read more

All About Photo 2022 Awards the Top Single Images of the Year

All About Photo has announced the winners of its 2022 competition which rewards the best individual images from photographers around the world. All About Photo, founded in 2013, publishes a monthly online magazine and stands as one of the largest online and promises to provide readers with everything they need to know about photography. The … Read more