Indigo color: hex code, shades, and design ideas

Indigo: a color of the rainbow Let’s go back to elementary school for a minute. Do you remember ROY-G-BIV? It’s a clever acronym that stands for the colors of the rainbow in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. But in some circles, it seems indigo has disappeared from the rainbow lately. So … Read more

Hot pink color: hex code, shades, and design ideas

Fast forward to today and Gen Z is bringing it back (again). Softer shades of the color are known as millennial pink, but lately it’s all about the cheery highlighter hues of the early 2000s. What does hot pink mean? The color can affect our moods and behaviors. Traditionally, people immediately associate pink with femininity, … Read more

Home photo studio setup: ideas, equipment, and advice

So, How? ‘Or’ What do do you have your own photography studio at home? How do you know when creating a home studio is the right decision? Is the investment even worth the risk? In this article, we’ve compiled some tips on how to create an effective photography studio setup at home. Affordable and practical … Read more

Pastel yellow color: hex code, shades, and design ideas

Read on to learn more, find out how to create pastel yellowand explore palette ideas for any creative project. Pastel yellow color codes The pastel yellow color hexadecimal code is identified by the sequence #fdfd96. It makes it a pale and deaf yellowish green tint. There is a lot of pastel yellow variations on the … Read more