Seven Essential Photography Lessons | Fstoppers

There are essential things about being a photographer that most photography books usually don’t mention. Here are the seven most important lessons I’ve learned as a photographer, including an exercise I use to hone my skills. 1. Must be fun Whether run as a business or a hobby, photography should be enjoyable. Picking up that … Read more

Fstoppers Reviews the Haida CPL VND Pro II, a Variable ND Filter With Polarization

A variable ND filter can be very handy. You only need one filter that covers multiple highlights. Haida launched the CPL VND Pro II, a variable neutral density filter that also functions as a polarizing filter. Haida asked me to review this new variable ND filter with bias capabilities. First off, I don’t like variable … Read more

Fstoppers Interviews the Team Running One of the Most Sustainable Film Labs

Reducing single-use plastic is increasingly on the minds of conscientious consumers, and the practice of shooting with physical film in preference to digital drives considerations in this area. But never fear, Ikigai Film Lab is here to recycle, reuse, and reuse, to calm our anxiety and help us keep filming with a clearer conscience. The … Read more

Fstoppers Reviews Insta360’s 1-inch Sensor Upgrade

Insta360’s cameras have been using the same 360 ​​sensor setup for about three years, and now they’re getting a serious update. Will the quality compensate for the bulk? This camera weighs 250 grams, which is about 100 grams heavier than Insta360’s usual ONE X2 and ONE RS 360 setup. However, it feels really good in … Read more

Landscape Photography and Self-Expression | Fstoppers

What drives you to travel, hike and camp for landscape photography? How do your emotions affect what you shoot and how does the result turn out? Landscape photographers have different stories behind why and how they chose to become landscape photographers. Not everyone has woken up one day thinking they were going to travel thousands … Read more