William Henry Fox Talbot: Inventor of the Negative-Positive Photo Process

William Henry Fox Talbot was on his honeymoon at Lake Como in northern Italy in 1833. He was trying to sketch the beautiful lake and surrounding landscape, but grew increasingly frustrated with his lack of skill in drawing. He used a camera lucida and a camera obscura, two devices that use lenses to project an … Read more

Rosalind Fox Solomon, The Forgotten

JTF (just the facts): Published in 2021 by MACK Books (here). Embossed hardcover, 24 x 28 cm, 160 pages, with 69 monochrome photographs. Includes excerpts from texts by Bertolt Brecht, Ilya Kaminsky and Masuji Ibuse. Design by Morgan Crowcroft-Brown. (Cover and distribute the plans below.) Comments/Background: Rosalind Fox Solomon’s Last Book the forgotten collects square-format … Read more