DJI’s New RS 3 Pro Gimbal Adds LiDAR AF to Manual Focus Lenses

DJI announced the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro gimbals that feature a new automated axis locking system, the third-generation RS stabilization algorithm that improves performance by 20%, and one-click calibration. The RS 3 system is available in two levels, the RS 3 and the RS 3 Pro. The RS 3 features improvements that make … Read more

How to Combine Focus Stacking and Exposure Blending for Better Photos

I have already written two articles on focus stacking here. The first post covered how I used autofocus bracketing in the field, and in the second post I shared my focus stacking workflow in Helicon Focus. To provide you with even more tools, I now show you how I combine focus stacking with exposure blending. … Read more

AI Editing Lets This Wedding Photographer Focus on What’s Important

Capturing vibrant Indian and Southeast Asian weddings is no small feat, but Charmi Peña has managed to strike the perfect balance between a rewarding wedding photography career and a family life filled with memories. Full disclosure: This story is brought to you by Imagen. In the 16 years Peña, from New Jersey, has built her … Read more