Ruling Overturned: You May Again Need a Permit to Film in National Parks

A court has upheld a National Park Service fee and permit requirement for commercial videography in national parks, overturning a previous ruling that found the requirement a violation of First Amendment rights. As noted by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), the original case was brought by filmmaker Gordon Price, who was fined for failing … Read more

100-Year-Old 360-Degree Film Camera That Uses 98-Feet Long Film

Photographer Richard Malogorski uses an incredibly complex 1915 Cirkut camera to capture 360 ​​degree panoramas on film. Although most modern smartphones have a panoramic mode and an increasingly expanding market for 360-degree cameras, Malogorski chooses to use a 100-year-old large format analog camera for its 360 panoramics. Malogorski with the large format Cirkut Cemetery, Rocky … Read more

How You Can Create a Short Film

It might seem like an easy transition for a photographer to become a filmmaker. At the heart of each of these disciplines is storytelling. A photographer tells a story in a single moment captured at the defining moment, while a filmmaker tells a story over a period of time, often incorporating elements such as editing … Read more

Where to Develop Film in 2022

The digitized, internet-connected world has made film photography Easier. As hour-long photo labs began to disappear and many camera stores ditched the darkroom, mail-in photo labs filled the void. Today’s film labs have websites that offer all the information you need regarding services, prices, times, and more. Some even have printable forms and mailers. No … Read more

Fstoppers Interviews the Team Running One of the Most Sustainable Film Labs

Reducing single-use plastic is increasingly on the minds of conscientious consumers, and the practice of shooting with physical film in preference to digital drives considerations in this area. But never fear, Ikigai Film Lab is here to recycle, reuse, and reuse, to calm our anxiety and help us keep filming with a clearer conscience. The … Read more

5 Point and Shoot Film Cameras Fujifilm Should Bring Back

Fujifilm has a very bad reputation these days from the film photography community. So it’s easy to forget that from the 1980s to the early 2000s, Fujifilm produced some of the best cameras ever made: medium format, point and shoots, the extraordinary Xpan and a bag full of other interesting goodies. I often wonder what … Read more