Wedding Shot List: Essential Moments a Photographer Should Capture

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Seven Essential Photography Lessons | Fstoppers

There are essential things about being a photographer that most photography books usually don’t mention. Here are the seven most important lessons I’ve learned as a photographer, including an exercise I use to hone my skills. 1. Must be fun Whether run as a business or a hobby, photography should be enjoyable. Picking up that … Read more

Photoshop Neural Filters: An Essential Guide

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Why Discovering Abstraction Is Essential for Your Photography

Don’t like abstract photography? It’s one of those things you’ll love or hate. But it’s important, and there’s a lot more to it than you might think. What is abstract photography? It is probably easier to describe abstract photography by starting with what it is not. Objective photography is the opposite of subjective. It tries … Read more

An Essential Guide (+ 5 Tips)

What is the Lightroom Brush Tool? How it works? And how can you use it to improve your photos? The adjustment brush is one of Lightroom’s most powerful tools. it can help you improve image sharpness, add stunning colors, adjust tone and much more. In this article, I explain everything you need to know about … Read more

Essential and Helpful Tools for Photographing Waterfalls

Photographing waterfalls is more tedious than it seems. In this case, the physical aspects of the equipment you use have a big impact on the success of each shot. Here are some important and useful tools to have in the field. Taking landscape photos of waterfalls often requires a very different workflow than other types … Read more

How to Become a (Great) Nature Photographer: 9 Essential Tips

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Travel Photography Lighting: 4 Essential Tips

Want to capture great travel photos? So you to have to learn to master lighting. You see, while camera gear, composition, and post-processing are all essential parts of travel photography, lighting is often the deciding factor. If you get the lighting right, your images will be eye-catching and even dramatic – but if you get … Read more

Essential Gear for Waterfall and Seascape Photography

I enjoy photographing waterfalls, rivers and seascapes. These subjects represent almost 50% of my portfolio. And when I photograph them, I need to have a good base to move freely and concentrate on the subject and the composition. So the subject of this article is the right water shoes that I finally found after testing … Read more