5 Editing Mistakes I Made as a Beginner Photographer So You Don’t Have To

Image editing is not an easy task to undertake. Using editing software such as Lightroom or Capture One requires a bit of learning and getting used to. However, even if you know how to use editing software, you should still edit images in a way that enhances their beauty rather than destroying it. Essentially, you … Read more

Runway Text-to-Video: Fun Gimmick, or the Future of Video Editing?

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Photographer Shares Her Client’s Wildest Editing Requests

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Radiant Photo Is a New AI App Designed To Get Your Images in Great Shape With Little or No Editing

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We Review the Infinite Retouch Portrait Editing Plugin

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Latest Lightroom Update Adds Video Editing, Red Eye Removal, and More

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Here’s Why You Need To Invest in This AI Photo Editing Software

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AI Editing Lets This Wedding Photographer Focus on What’s Important

Capturing vibrant Indian and Southeast Asian weddings is no small feat, but Charmi Peña has managed to strike the perfect balance between a rewarding wedding photography career and a family life filled with memories. Full disclosure: This story is brought to you by Imagen. In the 16 years Peña, from New Jersey, has built her … Read more