DJI Avata Review: A Durable, Easy-to-Fly, Entry-Level FPV Drone

DJI is known for innovating and pushing the drone market forward, but with the Avata, the company is doing the opposite and cutting down on features in a drone that works better for a beginner pilot. With the launch of the DJI FPV drone last year, DJI has created something new in its lineup. This … Read more

DJI Argues AeroScope is the Answer to Drone Tracking Regulation

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) seems ready to deploy its plan for Remote ID, a system that allows in-flight identification of drones. DJI says it already has the perfect technology for this: AeroScope. Remote ID has been in limbo since it was first released as part of the FAA’s final drone rules in 2020 since … Read more

How to Capture Vertically Oriented Photos With a Drone

A drone lets you take photos to the next level. There is only one downside to most drones I know of. The camera cannot be tilted for vertical shots. That doesn’t mean you can’t shoot vertical images. The solution is a panorama. Although not everyone likes drones, these little devices can take you to inaccessible … Read more

The Story of the FPoleV: The ‘Not a Drone’ Action Photography Tool

Action photographer Steven Donovan has developed a unique way to capture aerial stunts. Called FPoleV, the results stunned viewers online and earned it a cult following. Donovan’s FPoleV lets him shoot dynamic, standout video with what’s equivalent to a custom 24-foot camera pole. He posts the clips of cliff divers, skateboarders, mermaids, parkour athletes, ice … Read more