How To Bring A Vintage Cinematic Look To Modern Digital Images

Can a simple filter help you make your digital images more cinematic and movie-worthy? The answer is yes. K&F CONCEPT offers a series of Black Diffusion filters (sometimes referred to as “Black Mist”) which contain small particles embedded in the glass designed to diffuse light and create a soft, glowing mist effect. This series of … Read more

What Is This $25 Digital Microscope Doing in My Gear Bag?

I’m a sucker for gadgets, but I’m also a skeptic, so when I dove into a cheap handheld digital microscope I found for macro photography, I didn’t have high expectations. I am happy to state my low expectations on the $25 Jiusion Digital Microscope have been largely exceeded. In this cheap little device I’ve discovered … Read more

A New OM System Macro Lens, Digital PCM Sound Recorder, and Lens Road Map

OM Digital Solutions has announced an update to its lens roadmap, and macro photographers will be delighted with what’s there. Additionally, they have a new Linear PCM sound recorder. I have always laughed at the doomsayers and fearmongers on the internet who predicted the demise of OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) when it parted ways with … Read more

Capgemini builds next-gen digital experiences across the finance sector with Adobe

Today, many large banks have moved from physical branches to the digital realm. Customers expect to be able to do all their banking online: open new accounts, check balances, transfer funds or apply for loans. For many of the world’s largest banks and other financial services organizations, these websites, mobile apps and other digital experiences … Read more

Take Control of Your Digital Profile (and Earn Some Money While You’re at It)

We are living through some of the most influential decades in human history. The speed and creativity with which technological advancements are made is quite amazing (at least for a regular guy like me). Photography – and the ways we share our photos – is developing at breakneck speed. But we risk losing the security … Read more

How OM Digital Torture Tests its Weatherproof Cameras

Earlier this year, OM Digital launched the OM-1, which achieved the highest weather resistance rating of any camera on the market. PetaPixel received exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the intensity of the company’s torture testing to ensure this unparalleled rugged design. Formerly Olympus, OM Digital designs its cameras to withstand many more elements than what is … Read more