Facebook Cover Photos: Sizes, Examples & How to Design Your Own

In this tutorial, we’ll go over everything you need to know about cover photos for facebook, including why you should create one in the first place. We’ll cover the technical questions like “how big is a Facebook cover photo?”, as well as the more creative ones, touching on some modern design ideas and common errors. … Read more

How to Design Using Pastel Colors + 10 Pastel Palette Examples

While pretty pastel colors were mostly associated with designs for spring, changes in design trends and pastel and modified colors are now used all year round. The ubiquity of the paste color palette is due to the fact that they can be both soothing and soft or offbeat and rebellious. There’s even pastel red, a … Read more

Proud by Design: a Space for Self-expression and Exploration

Pride content has been available in Picsart for years, and this year we continue to celebrate with all new content and more. For Pride 2022, we transformed the Picsart app into a space for the LGBTQ+ community to find power in creative expression and exploration. This creative destination was created to be a safe place … Read more