20-Foot Custom Tripod Used to Capture America’s Fading Lighthouses

When photographer David Zapatka grew up in Rhode Island listening to the foghorn from a nearby lighthouse, it instilled in him what his wife describes as an “obsession.” Zapatka is on a mission to document the disappearance of American lighthouses and has currently photographed 193, all at night. At one time there were over 1,600 … Read more

How to make Double Exposure with custom brushes in Photoshop

How to Make a Better Double Exposure in Photoshop Double exposure is a great digital art technique and it’s very popular because you can get really high-end results with a little effort. I’ve done several over the years for magazine covers and editorials. Where a lot of double exposures fail is with a boring silhouette. … Read more

How to Make and Find the Best Free Custom Stickers on Picsart

Let’s dive in, it’s time to learn how to make a sticker on Picsart. What are personalized stickers? In graphic design, stickers are design elements that you can create by cutting or modifying other images. It’s basically cutting out an image that you can apply to another design, much like you would add a sticker … Read more