eye | BLOG: Creativity and Turmoil, Part 2

Photo-eye gallery Creativity and Restlessness, Part 2 Anne Kelly, Amanda Marchand, David Trautrimas Is the tumult the fuel of an artistic process? Throughout history, people have suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually during the pandemic and quarantine, and through these changes many great works of art have been made. Recently, gallery director Anne Kelly asked a … Read more

Creativity for All in Education,| Adobe Blog

Creation is the ultimate expression of learning. At Adobe, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop essential creative and digital literacy skills that will help them learn and open doors to a better future. By preparing teachers in schools and colleges around the world to teach creative skills with Adobe tools, … Read more

How illustrator and activist Ailie Banks is advocating for ocean conservation through her creativity

With its immense size, the ocean is powerful enough to solve many of the environmental problems we currently face as a planet. And while protecting our oceans is key to combating climate change, that change won’t happen until there is greater awareness and understanding of its magnitude. There are countless ways to advocate and create … Read more