Valuable Creative Insights and Tips for Mobile Photos and Video: We Interview David Ma

David Ma is a director and filmmaker whose cinematic photos and food videos have captured the attention of the culinary and creative worlds, earning him a spot on Adweek’s Top 100 Creatives of 2021. In this interview, we learn about his valuable creative insights, tips for filmmakers and photographers, and how creating content on the … Read more

Looking for a Creative Community? Try Canon’s Incubator

A strong community and invested mentors are crucial ingredients for sustainable growth and success. I recently had the chance to sit down and chat with two Canon Canada FUTURES alumni, Eli Meadow Ramraj and Gessy Robin Shumbusho, about the importance of community to their careers. The deadline for Canon Canada’s FUTURES Year Two Incubator Program … Read more

10 Modern Fonts for Creative or Innovative Industries

Fonts play a key role in many designs, from logos to more obvious places like text-heavy websites. And, a font is an entire vibe. We associate letters with different eras and sentiments, so it’s important that people correctly associate your font with the mood you want to give off. When designing branded materials, you will … Read more

5 Creative Lenses for Beautiful and Artistic Photos

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Climate Change-Themed Image Wins the 2022 Creative Photo Awards

The false illusion of André Boto The international visual arts festival, the Siena Awards, has announced the winners of its 2022 Creative Photo Awards, which celebrate the best in artistic and contemporary photography. The Creative Photo Awards are one of many contests organized by the Siena Awards and feature winners in 17 categories. Photographers from … Read more

A Photographer’s Kit for Getting Out of a Creative Rut

For photographers, creativity is the difference between a great shot and a great shot. But what if you’re not feeling very creative? That’s when I like to dive into what I call my “photographer’s creative kit”, a bunch of different things to try. This might mean using accessories, taking advantage of my camera’s unique menu … Read more

Accenture Productions takes video to a new level with Adobe Creative Cloud

Demand for digital content has grown steadily over the past decade, but the pandemic has accelerated this trend dramatically as businesses shifted to virtual events and digital outreach almost overnight. It was no different at Accenture, where teams use digital spaces to connect with clients and promote thought leadership around the world. Much of this … Read more

Butler Community College stands out as the first Adobe Creative Campus in Kansas

Butler Community College prides itself on creating a dynamic learning environment that supports the goals of all students: from high school students or recent graduates looking to build their careers to older students trying to change or advance their careers. by learning new skills. Located in El Dorado and Andover, Kansas — just down the … Read more