Blind Photographer ‘Hopes for the Best’ in Capturing Stunning Macro Shots

Rachael Andrews is a visually impaired photographer who first used a camera purely as a handy tool to help her see everyday objects such as food labels. While her camera was initially a useful tool for Andrews to overcome the vision loss she suffered in her 20s, she quickly realized an artistic passion for photography. … Read more

‘Napalm Girl’ Turns 50: The Generation-Defining Image Capturing the Futility of the Vietnam War

How does an image become an icon? It is estimated that today we produce more images in two minutes than during the entire 19th century. How, then, can an image be so powerful that it can symbolize the horror of war and help mobilize anti-war sentiment? Warning: This article contains graphic images that some may … Read more

Capturing Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord Icebergs in Sub-Zero Temps

Following numerous travel restrictions and flight cancellations, Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove finally fulfilled his dream and landed in Greenland to photograph his majestic floating icebergs in sub-zero temperatures. Adventurer at heart, Belgian photographer Van Nieuwenhove has captured the beauty and power of nature around the world. Starting from one extreme, like the eruption of the Geldingadalir … Read more