How to Capture Vertically Oriented Photos With a Drone

A drone lets you take photos to the next level. There is only one downside to most drones I know of. The camera cannot be tilted for vertical shots. That doesn’t mean you can’t shoot vertical images. The solution is a panorama. Although not everyone likes drones, these little devices can take you to inaccessible … Read more

20-Foot Custom Tripod Used to Capture America’s Fading Lighthouses

When photographer David Zapatka grew up in Rhode Island listening to the foghorn from a nearby lighthouse, it instilled in him what his wife describes as an “obsession.” Zapatka is on a mission to document the disappearance of American lighthouses and has currently photographed 193, all at night. At one time there were over 1,600 … Read more

Scientists Capture Footage of a Neutron Star Merger for the First Time

This artist’s conception shows the merger between a neutron star and another star (seen as a disk, lower left) that caused an explosion resulting in the short-lived gamma-ray burst, GRB 211106A (white jet, middle), and left behind what scientists now know is one of the brightest afterglows ever recorded (semi-spherical shock wave middle right). While … Read more