Escaping the Freedom Deficit: Canon Canada’s Side Hustle 101 and Free Business Seminar

It goes without saying that everyone who reads here on Fstoppers is interested in taking pictures. I know many of you also want to shake things up and make money doing it. With three new debut dates to come, it’s worth taking a look at Side Hustle 101, the product of Canon Canada’s new partnership … Read more

Canon, What Are You Doing?

Canon has said the quiet part out loud: it doesn’t want you spending your money on anything other than Canon products. This is a huge mistake, and I am advocating for the company to rethink this strategy. Earlier this week we confirmed that Canon had issued cease and desist orders to at least one third-party … Read more

Canon EOS R10 Review: Powerful Performance at an Affordable Price

The Canon EOS R10 is small but mighty, featuring an advanced autofocus system, the ability to shoot 15fps with its mechanical shutter, and a full APS-C experience. Canon released the EOS R10 and EOS R7 at the same time in May. The EOS R7 rightly had expectations to meet as it’s the top model, and … Read more

Canon Firmware Update Boosts the R3’s Burst Photo Speed to 195 FPS

Canon has released a series of firmware updates for the R5, R6 and R3. The most notable improvement is with the R3, which can now shoot at 195fps. Canon R3 firmware version 1.2 adds a new custom high-speed continuous shooting setting that captures between 30 and 195 fps at full resolution in JPEG, HEIF or … Read more

Why Canon is the Microsoft of the Camera World

With Canon’s strong presence – or should it increase its stranglehold – in the mirrorless market, you can easily argue it’s becoming the Microsoft of the camera world. Microsoft is ubiquitous in the world of personal computing with its ubiquitous software products in business, school and home, from productivity to communications and entertainment. In fact, … Read more