Your Camera’s Meter Lies: Take Advantage of It To Improve Your Photos

Metering and exposure are tough companions. Although they seem to work well together on the surface, metering may trick you into exposing poorly. Here are some experiments showing you how to take control of exposure and use it creatively, especially in aperture priority mode. There is a lot of nonsense written about camera exposure modes. … Read more

The Dirty Secrets of Your Camera’s Manufacturer

Hey, camera makers! Stop lying to us. We photographers care about the environment. Camera and equipment manufacturers, however, let us down. Most are just protecting their bottom line while causing significant environmental damage. So how eco-friendly is your camera manufacturer? How much CO2 do they produce? Do they mainly use recycled materials? Are their products … Read more

Why Pentax Has Failed at Mirrorless Cameras

Over the past decade, mirrorless camera technology has evolved to the point that it is now a welcome technology for many photographers and filmmakers. Although, along the way, it hasn’t been an easy task for major mirrorless camera brands. User sentiment, earthquakes in Japan, the pandemic, and the adoption of new technologies have all taken … Read more